Print Media is Dead?

Is print media dead? What is the future of the information usually explored in print media?

One thing that needs to be acknowledged today is that online media is more popular than ever. Yes, there are still publishing houses producing newspapers and magazines and whatnot….but truthfully, that is sort of a dead way to getting information out and around in this day and age.Almost all companies and industries now have websites and are on almost all the social media platforms that they could advertise on.


I think we could all agree that online media is a much more faster  way of communicating. It only takes a few minutes for information, pictures, videos and advertisements posted on the social media platforms that we have today, to go viral. But there are people for whom reading an actual newspaper is just a part of their ritual. They have been doing that all their lives, they have the urge to hold a magazine or a newspapaer; it’s a tradition that would be hard to break from for them.

A popular website called insider wrote that “almost all the reasons explaining why print media is a dying industry can be summed up into – because of easiness and convenience digital media are offering. People from all corners of the world have been seeking the ways to make their life easier, to avoid doing something, or make it simpler, faster, skip a few steps and so on”.

The evolution of man is another reason for print media dying. The kids today and of the future will have no idea what it was like to only be able to get your news from television, radio and newspaper. Because they were born into a world where everything is digital and simple.


Tomisin Adeneye




One thought on “Print Media is Dead?

  1. I agree that online medias are faster and more convenient than print media. I prefer to do research for projects online, and to find event information on websites. However, I definitively prefer books in print as opposed to a screen. Both of my parents, and even a few of my grandparents have gotten used to E-books and their kindles or tablets. It’s a kind of nostalgia for me though, for novels at least.


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