Is print media dead?

Is print media dead?

Today, many print publishers struggle with the competition from online media, which seems to be preferred by the majority of the audience. Online media is often cheaper and much faster, while editors and writers can constantly edit their texts in case of a spelling mistake. Will the print media keep steadily decreasing until it completely disappears?


According to surveys, there is a clear decrease in readers being interested in newspapers (Nossek, 2015, p. 1). Also, publishers reacted already years ago and it seems like that the shift in media consumption is an irreversible process. Most newspapers expanded to the online app market in order to reach more readers, while some apps offer subscriptions and generate revenue like that. It is a fact, that there is a “decline in production, distribution, and consumption of print newspapers in the Western world” (Nossek, 2015, p. 3)


In average, people also read less books, but more magazines. It is assumed that the reason behind that is the value of a magazine that an online product can not deliver: a high quality paper quality and the physical appearance. But, also demographics play a role, because older people are less willing to read online news and consume more TV and newspapers instead (Nossek, 2015, p. 4), while younger people are connected to the online world almost 24/7.

At the moment, there is no reason for which the described process of increasing online media consumption could decrease, so in all probability print media will continue to disappear.




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