How to and How not

Say you post a status online about a topic that is considered ‘sensitive.’ If people don’t agree with what you have to say, a few might comment or bug you about it, but it’s minor in the big picture.

Whereas, if a world leader messes up, it’s a whole other story. That ‘few’ who might’ve commented is multiplied into millions. And the consequences could be much worse.

There is a pressure placed upon world leaders to always be poised. Whether it’s on television, in-person, or online, they must meet an expectation. People all over the globe follow their every move because they are representatives and icons. Considering how many people listen in to what these leaders have to say, this could be used for good or bad. It depends on how they use their platform.

The Bad:

I’m sure this is a predictable example, but Donald Trump showcases how to poorly use social media. Sometimes it seems like he uses his Twitter account as a live-update on every thought going through his head. I guess you could credit him for being candid to his online followers, but often he is just rude or offensive.

Here is a few examples:

Also, he’s been caught contradicting himself during conferences and debates based on what he’s said online.

He is supposed to be an example as a presidential candidate. With nearly 13 million followers on social media, and an election on the line, Trump should be filtering the insults and immaturity off his online platforms.

The Good:

Barack and Michelle Obama are a great example of how to use social media. They get involved in online movements that show off their humour and how humble they are. This is what most people love about the Obamas. This move is not only in effort to connect to people, but they always have a message behind what they are doing.

These two examples both went viral online.

Barack Obama did a video with Buzzfeed called, “Things Everyone Does but Doesn’t Talk About.” The video shows Obama taking selfies and pretending to play basketball alone. Also, at one point he is practicing a speech in the mirror about health care.


Michelle Obama did a Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. Though the video is entertaining, it was a chance for her to promote her movement, Let Girls Learn, that helps to ensure girls around the world receive an education.


By Victoria Dean


4 thoughts on “How to and How not

  1. I love the Obamas so much, partly because of their social media presence. It makes them seem personal, as if we are acquaintances in real life. I think it is quite interesting that their presence on social media is mostly on other people’s profiles in the form of interviews and cameos. I have seen Michele on a bunch of different YouTube channels that I follow. I also love Michele’s vines about vegetables.
    Great post, Tori!


    1. Those kill me! “My favourite fall vegetable… is a sweet potato!”

      I completely agree though! I’ve seen them collaborate with so many people, which works to reach so many demographics! I adore the Obamas so much.


  2. When politicians go on to shows like this to promote their policies it usually bothers me. But there is something about the Obamas’ marketing that is just so honest. They say what they want to promote, and then they turn that part of themselves off and really get into the spirit of the show, whether that’s Carpool Karaoke or Between Two Ferns. It’s hard not to respect that.


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