The Online Persona of Nonprofit Organizations


Online mediums have provided a proverbial launching pad for non-profit organizations. Thanks to the increased popularity of online mediums, nonprofit organizations (NPO) are able to get their message out into the world at a significantly lower price than paying for a televised commercial or an ad in a newspaper. NPOs are focused on benefiting both people and the environment, and rely on their supporters to keep them afloat. As such, NPOs heavily rely upon the donations and support from their volunteers to continue being successful, and online mediums provide a channel for non-profits to achieve this goal.

A great advantage for NPOs using online mediums is that they provide shareable content, allowing non-profits to spread their message far and wide without relying on the costly advertising of traditional media. Online mediums also allow NPOs to engage with their audience, allowing an exchange of dialogue to take place. Creating dialogue with followers can make them feel their voices and opinions are valued and being heard – this strengthens the relationship between the NPO and its’ supporters. Marianne (2014) says, “Moreover, social media is a great place to thank supporters publicly.” This is very important for non-profits, as it helps reinforce the relationship it has with its’ supporters, and non-profits need a strong relationship with its’ followers to keep the organization strong.

Basically, without a strong support base NPOs like UNICEF or Planned Parenthood would cease to be a strong organization, or would cease to exist at all. Thankfully online mediums allow NPOs to connect with their supporters in a relatable, and intercommunicative way.


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