How social media has changed the dynamics of marketing.

The rise of social media has revolutionized the marketing industry. In the past decade, companies have adapted to new technology and opportunities which allow for public advertisement and communication. Just scrolling through Facebook and Twitter alone, it’s obvious to see that customer and consumer engagement is greater than ever. Being able to comment on a product, or being able to mention a company’s name has become a new way for companies to respond to customers–becoming entities which are far less impersonal than a billboard or commercial. Through new metrics and measurements (or even just searching different mentions or hashtags), companies can monitor what their consumers like or dislike, and are able to interact with dissatisfied customers quicker than before.

In comparison to traditional advertisement (print, radio, TV), companies have a chance to raise brand awareness. Before, it used to be the company with the largest budget on advertising that would succeed, but now, with free advertising at our fingertips through social media, even the smallest of businesses are given a voice. Even seeing a friend comment or like a product can increase the likelihood of using the brand yourself. Facebook even has a feature for companies or people who create pages, which allow them to monitor engagement through reach (how many people have seen it) and clicks on the link. These are tools which have only emerged recently, but have reshaped the world of advertisement and PR.


Written by: Pia Araneta


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