Storytelling & Advertising With Snapchat: The Dillon Francis Story

Is it really wasting your time when the Snapchat story is so lit you’re begging for more? The app Snapchat allows users to post pictures/videos of what they’re doing as it’s happening to their “story” so all the people on their friends list can watch how exciting, aesthetic and hilarious their life is. And to top it off celebrities have made accounts as a way for us regular folk to peek in on their day-to-day lives and helps us feel a real connection to our favourite public figures. Revolutionary.

For me I love a Snapchat story that follows a storyline. Rather than watching a pointless ten second video that viewers will probably forget about two seconds after watching it (sorry guys) it’s much more engaging for an audience to follow a story as it’s happening. Someone who does this extremely well with his self-directed Snapchat stories, and strategically to his benefit, is Dillon Francis.


If you don’t have Dillon Francis on Snapchat you should probably change that ASAP. Not only are his stories absolutely hilarious, Dillon also uses this very public platform as a way to advertise himself and his music. His newest song, Anywhere, was released on September 16 and Dillon took to Snapchat earlier this week to advertise a contest that goes along with his latest song.

The contest: head over to the contest website where you print off a picture of your new friend Flat Dillon to color. Post a picture/video on Instagram of where you took Flat Dillon with the accompanying hashtag #takedillonanywhere and of course the song Anywhere playing in the background.

So what did Dillon do on Snapchat? After printing his pictures of Flat Dillon he headed home with his new pack of crayons to color. Immediately spilling some water on Flat Dillon, he set him outside to dry. While filming himself to talk about the contest Dillon suddenly sees Flat Dillon, who is now life size, standing at his backdoor.

The story continues with Flat Dillon tricking Dillon’s, now referred to as Real Dillon, parents into thinking he’s their real son while at their house for dinner and testing Real Dillon’s friends when they’re asked which one is their friend.

The story is hilarious and as a viewer you get to watch it in real time as Dillon Francis (the real one I hope?) is posting these to his Snapchat story. He even includes end credits to thank his friends, family and even Flat Dillon for helping.

Personally I’m not a fan of his music, but after watching his Snapchat story I was so intrigued I had to head over to the contest website and see what this was all about.

This is just one example of how Dillon Francis successfully uses this social media platform as a way to promote his brand. Engaging the audience with an entertaining story narrated by his unmistakeable…we’ll say colourful humour, pushed even a non-fan to not only check out the contest, but even listen to the song.

Below are some pictures I screenshotted from Part 2 of this story posted on Sunday night. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Storytelling & Advertising With Snapchat: The Dillon Francis Story

  1. As someone who does not have a very high opinion of Snapchat, this was a very eye-opening article for me. I’m always impressed by users who take what I see as limitations and do something incredibly creative with them.


  2. I’ve tried Snapchat on a couple occasions but I’ve never really stuck with it partly the format, and for the lack of interest in the people i followed. Regardless, I’m love it when people take a media and make it their own, make it something new. There are some other famous people that have done the same thing with YouTube, Facebook, or twitter.


  3. Snapchat might actually be my favourite social media platform. It took me a long time to get used to it but I like how it kind of places restrictions on what you post (videos can only be 10 seconds, you can only view snaps from your contacts for seconds before they’re gone, etc…) And it’s very cool to see snap stories from public figures or celebrities as I already feel that Snapchat gives a more personal touch to communications between my close friends and I.

    I’ve heard tales of Dillion Francis’ snaps before, but didn’t actually add him until now!


  4. That is awesome, I agree Jessy it makes it much more interesting when it is a story. Definitely an opportunity for someone to build their brand, if used in the correct way.


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