Social media advertising’s time has come. It is affordable, it is reaching the broadest audience with the most accurate feedback and it is extremely flexible. The advertiser has nothing to lose. The conventional media users are now dated and most are not in the market for anything that is much past walking distance of their front door and they are becoming fewer everyday. The social media crowd is growing.

Advertisers are finding social media a windfall. They can produce quality, innovative and attractive ads with a smart phone and a laptop. They can make mistakes all day long and not break the bank. They can try out all different methods or combination of methods and still be in business to enjoy it when they find one that works. Advertising has now become more of a cost of time rather than dollars. There has to be more time afforded to apply to advertising on social media due to the nature of social media. It demands fresh material, explosive information packages and visual or auditory hooks to keep an advertiser on top.

The numbers are there for social media. With Facebook alone there is a chance, albeit a small one, that an ad could be viewed by as many as one billion users. Even if that number is unrealistic the odds are still good because even if one percent of one percent of that number interact, in any way, with the ad it will result in very positive numbers for the advertiser for very little monetary output.

If it does come to be, I do not believe that marketing will miss the passing of conventional media. It seems to be that advertising is built on innovation. New ways to convince consumers that one product, service, or institution is better than the other. Its all about catching the people’s eye and extorting it for all its worth. It’s all about the flow of money and marketing will always be in the middle of the river.





  1. I agree with you. Advertisement is a branch off of any corporation that is in business for business. Business is based on the flow of money. The basis of advertising has always stayed the same. The only difference is the medium, the way that they spread their information. It started with purely word of mouth, and ended up advancing toward social media. I’m sure that later on, there will be a more appealing medium for advertisers.


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