Social Networking is Buzzing

Social Media Network

It is no surprise that social media has become the most potent and innovative method to reaching a vast audience – with a topic or message an organization may choose to deliver. According to an article on, nine out of ten companies are vigorously on social media sites. Social networking has become ultimately the most effective way to communicate. Simply due to the fact that everyone uses it; from young adolescents to seniors. The issue with print is that it isn’t as readily accessible as online content. These days, almost everyone has a laptop, or some form of device that connects billions to a site. If you are one of the rare creatures who does not own a computer; accessing one is easy! Find the nearest public library and voila – instant access.

Companies have taken this concept into consideration and it shows. While on SoNet sites, users have noticed that company ads pop up randomly, stating they are “sponsored ads”. According to, “Advertisers are now able to drill down… By interests, location, company affiliation, role, and more. So the ads you get are probably the ones you actually want to see.” Thus, companies are aware and putting an increasingly consistent effort into their social media accounts.

With this shift in communicating with the world, organizations have become more contemporary with their message. It’s understood they must reach younger audiences as well as older, and need a medium to obtain the attention from both sides of the spectrum. Currently, video has become the “in vogue” of the moment. According to,  70% of companies now say video is the most effective tool in their online marketing belts, and two out of three businesses expect it to dominate their strategy going forward.”

Needless to say, everyone is aware of the necessity to be on social networks, if an organization or individual would like their message heard efficiently by a broad audience.

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Holmes, R. (2015, December 09). 5 Trends That Will Change How Companies Use Social Media In 2016. Retrieved September 28, 2016, from:


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