Print Media, Dead and Gone?


Lately it seems people can’t get off their phones; if someone were to look around during a train ride, this theory would be proven true. Everyone is completely engaged by their phone at all times, despite being in the company of friends or family.

So why is it that print media is gradually loosing its popularity? It isn’t that holding a newspaper is going out of style; on the contrary, there is something very chic about holding a newspaper while sitting at a café before work (or school) – waiting for the server to bring you your latte while you light a cigarette (outdoor café maybe?). Doubtfully it is due to the newest fad of going paperless to save the trees, however, that is a fad most need to agree to!

The root of this issue is mainly folks not being able to put their phone down for the slightest moment, making it pointless to pick up a newspaper! Social media or Facebook, as it should be called is a place where the majority of society receives updates that covers everything from celebrity gossip to world news. Its Convenient, and in an era where time is of the essence, people don’t normally have a moment to stop and grab the paper; their latte would get cold, and that is uncalled for.

In the near future, when the generation of old timers comes to pass, print media might turn into ashes and join the rest of the artifacts they talk about in historical museums; but for now, newspapers are still hanging around.

Although the receiving end of print media might change, the information will always be the same: the latest, most popular, and most important information will always be relayed. Simply because that is the point of a daily paper (or daily update on social media) – to inform, and that is what most crave; knowledge beyond measure of everything that is going on, or has gone on.

Blanca Moreno

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