Pet-able Arrangements at Yamnuska

The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary is one of Alberta’s lesser known charities due to people not recognizing the need for such an organization. This non-profit provides a home for displaced wolfdogs, which are domestic dogs that are bred with wolves to create hybrids. The dogs themselves are gorgeous animals so the appeal of breeding or purchasing one is very apparent. The ownership of these animals comes with unique challenges, as they are not the same as domesticated dogs in terms of temperament and behaviour.

The sanctuary is very active on social media, with regularly updated posts on Facebook and Instagram. The main goal of these posts is to raise awareness and encourage people to visit the sanctuary and take a tour in order to generate more revenue for the organization. I personally have visited the sanctuary many times and am always amazed at the encounters they organize for visitors. They mainly post videos and short video clips of the animals, and they rely on the visual appeal of the animals as simple, free advertising.

Their social media accounts direct viewers to their website where they post photos and information about the pack, as well as asking for donations and advertising potential adoptions. The simplicity of this strategy is obviously effective as they have been open for five years now, and are one of the largest such sanctuaries in North America. I would definitely recommend paying this institution a visit, it is a worthy cause and these animals have no other real recourse other than euthanasia.

Image taken from the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary website. Photo credit to Georgina De Caigny.


2 thoughts on “Pet-able Arrangements at Yamnuska

  1. Good post and definitely a worthy cause with a much needed purpose. It leaves me to wonder though, with the growing visits to this sanctuary how long it will take before it is actively demonstrated against and shut down like the refuge for unsuitable pets at Three Hills Alberta. They had much the same purpose. They took in lions, snakes, raccoons and all forms of rescue animals that people discovered made bad pets or had been abused. They took a lot of flack because they fed the carnivores road kill and allowed people to interact with the animals. Much the same way this establishment does.



  2. Enjoyed this post! I’ll have to follow them on social media. I checked out their website and was pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully designed it is, and the photos of the dogs definitely melted my heart.


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