Share Responsibly

Share Responsibly

As we’ve seen social media use boom over the past decade, our privacy has become a growing concern. And stemming from that is a question of just how safe we are as users.

But is our lack of privacy caused by the Internet and the numerous social media platforms we use daily?

Let me ask you this: Have you ever actually read the pages and pages of fine print that make up the terms of service and use agreements when you sign up for a new account on Facebook or Twitter?

One survey found that 55% of its participants are worried that “technology is robbing us of our privacy”, but 61% also agreed that “people share too much about their personal thoughts and experiences online” (Social Media Privacy: A Contradiction In Terms?).

Seems a bit contradictory, right?

How can technology be robbing us of the information we are willingly providing?

But in response to these concerns, websites like  are sharing tips and advice on how to manage your privacy online. Reminding users that once something has been shared online, it stays online, for example. The immediacy of social media and the online world can lead to some pretty big post-sharing regrets.

And provides a step-by-step guide of how to change your privacy settings on major social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and also stresses that privacy settings can, and often do, change.

So what is the best thing a user can do to protect their privacy online? Be aware and take the time to understand the privacy settings and options for the platform you’re using, and always think before you post.

Blaming technology for robbing you of your privacy won’t get it back.





3 thoughts on “Share Responsibly

  1. Great topic! I agree it’s really important for everybody to understand what privacy settings are and aren’t available when posting on certain platforms.


  2. I think, for me, it’s not necessarily a case of cognitive dissonance, but more like a double-edged sword. I don’t want to share things online because I value my own privacy. But on the other hand, not being active online shuts me out of so many conversations and leaves me ignorant of so many opportunities that it seems financially and socially irresponsible to stay away from it.

    So I kind of understand the contradictory surveys. I am active on social media out of a sort of perceived necessity. But I wish I could just shut it all down and live a quiet and private life.

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  3. I like this post! It establishes the fact that social media is not private and puts it out there that if you post to a social media site you do so at your own risk. People that I know post to sites with no thought to the possible ramifications. It is a business and when you use it you enter into an agreement. It is up to you to understand and honor the terms of agreement you entered into.
    And on another note, if you are of the belief that your privacy settings are protecting the privacy information you better read your agreement again and this time look for what it doesn’t say rather than what it does.

    Thanks, Cam


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