Both Print And Digital

Both Print And Digital

There is more and more of this comparison between digital and print media. There are a lot of publications that are capitalizing on both forms of media. Some people prefer print, while others prefer digital. Both sides have various reasons. It’s becoming increasingly common for newspapers and magazines to have an online version as well as a print version of their publication. Emma Tucker explores this idea in the AIGA Eye on Design blog. She answers the question of why now do publications seem to be flocking to an online medium. She writes that, “the irony seems to be that as we focus attention on other ways of reading, like mobile, it gives designers and publishers the freedom to be braver and more experimental in their approach” (Tucker, 2015).

In general, I prefer the idea of digital media. Its cost, audience, and content are generally more effective than print. I prefer to read my news digitally, because I can continue the story through links, videos, discussions, or other articles. It’s all so easily accessible online. However, when it comes to magazines I will usually choose print over online, mainly I read magazines very casually.

One magazine that I read the most is Vue Weekly. For me, it’s interesting, relevant, and easily accessible. Vue Weekly is an alternative magazine focusing on arts, entertainment, and culture based in Edmonton. Their mission statement reflects that they aren’t the typical magazine, “Vue Weekly engages in thoughtful and intelligent journalism with a focus on progressive ideas from a local perspective. We cover topics, artists and events that are often ignored, marginalized or misrepresented by the mainstream media” (Vue Weekly, 2016).Vue Weekly is one of the magazines that are capitalizing on both mediums. Vue Weekly has both a print and a digital version. This magazine also promotes themselves on social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

When compared between the online and print publications of Vue Weekly, I prefer the print version to the online publication for purely subjective reasons. The formatting on the print version is better formatted, organized. The paper version is easier to casually flip through. Their website is organized really well, it’s just not as casual as the print version. Though I will go to the website, if I’m already on my computer or if I want to get more information.



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