Why Print Media Isn’t Quite Dead Yet

Why Print Media Isn’t Quite Dead Yet


Print media has started to be the grandfather of media. It was around in the early days and has slowly been replaced by easier, more convenient methods like radio, then T.V. and now the new contender is social media.

Radio and T.V. never really fully pushed print media out of the way but many people think that social media will be the one to do it. Due to the fact that you can carry around social media in your pocket and that it gives you access to how many different forms of print media in one convenient place. I would argue that social media is replacing print media, but print media will never really die.

People will always like having the print version of something they find iconic or like. There will always be people who still buy print media just because that’s how they enjoy getting their news. And there are even forms of media that started off as strictly digital that have made the change to print due to its ability to make a statement that only print media offers. “Similarly, Business of Fashion recently decided to publish its own print magazine. In an interview with The New York Times, Editor-in-Chief Imran Amed said that despite being a digital-first company, Business of Fashion chose print because it appeared to be a great medium to seize the moment and get the industry’s attention.” Herbert Lui makes this point in his article 5 Reasons Print is Making a Comeback which actually makes some good arguments as to why print media isn’t ready to lose this fight yet. He goes on and compares print to vinyl, they were both the beginning and as it so happens, vinyl is making a comeback because of the nostalgia that surrounds it.

Plus in like 10 years every hipster will be trying to bring back print media like they do with every other thing that goes somewhat out of style.




Lui, H. (June 3rd, 2014) 5 Reasons Print is Making a Comeback https://contently.com/strategist/2014/06/03/5-reasons-print-is-making-a-comeback/


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