New Media = No Privacy


With the rise in usage of new media, we are able to post at all times of the day. What we are doing, who we are doing things with, where we are, and many other examples. Thanks to this, privacy has become almost non-existent to frequent users of social media. New media provides a new platform for celebrities (companies, organizations, and others) to connect with their fan base/followers. One negative example of this is when Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris a few weeks ago. Thanks to her frequent postings on social media, the robbers were able to find out where she was and carry out their heist of Kim’s numerous and valuable jewelry.

Couldry (2012) says, “Already ‘new’ media, like traditional media before them, have become ordinary contents of every day life, a ‘taken-for-granted part of out infrastructure’” (p. 8). This is undeniably true, I can’t picture a life without the platforms new media provides, as it has become a part of my every day. It is common to see people sharing personal aspects of their life on social media, from their new hair colour to details about their break up, people aren’t shy on social media. We have an in-depth view of other people’s lives that we never had access to before social media, creating a kind of connection between people who may not speak too one another much in person, but know intimate details about each other through new media platforms. This openness can be freeing for some, but for private individuals it can be uncomfortable to witness.

So these new media platforms can decrease our privacy immensely if you are a frequent user, and can create connections with others due to a tendency to overshare. The question now is how real are these connections? Are they real, shallow, a mockery? I think the answer depends entirely on the individual’s perspective, we can’t decide if other people’s relationships are real or not.


Couldry, N. (2012). Media, society, world: Social theory and digital media practice. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.

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