Is Print Media Dead?


When we hear about print media, people usually think newspapers and magazines. But, print media encompasses much more than that.  Print media in reality refers to anything in “print”, which includes banners, billboards, signs, business cards, letters, brochures, and much more.

With the emergence of new media there is a growing belief that print media has become superseded. This belief has drastically spread over the past 10 years, primarily because news outlets have shifted larger quantities of content online, instead of keeping it all in print.

But, does this mean print media has died? Well, no! According to an article in Forbes, print media has shifted and is becoming increasingly popular in places like South Asia. In India, the news industry is rapidly driven by the middle class. However, with poor internet penetration 80% of the population still depends on newspapers, which has in turn created a $4.37 billion newspaper industry, as of 2010.

Even though, print media is on the decline in western countries it’s not dead yet, nor will it die anytime soon. This is because advertisers still depend heavily on print media. Even though it might be costlier, many advertisers will continue to use print because its more impactful. According to an article by Neuromarketing, people often engage longer on print advertisement than digital. A study found that there was greater emotional response and memory for print media ads, and that print ads caused more activity in brain areas associated with value and desire.

Overall, I believe that print media won’t die anytime soon, because many people still depend on it. Even though, studies show print media is declining in western countries more notably then others they don’t suggest it will disappear entirely. According to a report, the projected $20.3 billion in overall print media advertising by the end of 2018, as well as the anticipated $8.4 billion in print magazine ad revenues, show that there is still enough activity for print media to survive.

Amrit Kang.


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