How does the use of new media impact our privacy?

How does the use of new media impact our privacy?

Ashley Lewis
October 11, 2016:

You may remember a time when a man by the name of Edward Snowden confirmed one of biggest conspiracies of all time: that big brother is watching you. Even though Snowden was deported and will likely never return to his homeland, he has on the big screen. Now you can watch the movie adaptation of how one man single handily took down the National Security Agency by leaking classified information to the public in 2013.

Even though a major secret of the United States government was exposed, how much really changed? Did you take steps to protect your privacy? I think the majority of us can say that we are aware ‘someone’ is watching but don’t take a lot precaution to prevent it. So, just because Snowden exposed this secret to the world did the government ever STOP spying on us?

Well, fast forward to 2016 and social media guru, Mark Zuckerberg posts a photo online with a piece of tape covering the webcam on his laptop. The internet is shocked with remarks such as, “oh Zuckerberg is a conspiracy theorist”. Well, actually no? Is this not common knowledge that the government is watching you. Following the release of that photo, FBI Director James Comey advises that public that yes, you should put a piece of a tape over your webcam: “to prevent hackers from peeping in on your life when you’re not actively using the device” (CTV News, 2016).


Why? Because of the government guys. Oh sorry, he said ‘hackers’ but I’m sure at this point that is the same thing. Apparently, ‘hackers’ can access your camera and watch what you are doing, whenever and wherever. So, now that you have made it all the way to the end of this post: just remember someone is always watching. Oh, and go put some tape or maybe even a Band-Aid on your webcam, no judging here! Whatever works, right?


 CTV News. (2016, September 15). FBI director recommends covering your webcam. Retrieved October 11, 2016, from



2 thoughts on “How does the use of new media impact our privacy?

  1. I’ve thought about privacy online a lot. It’s a difficult thing to think about because the more I look into, the more I feel that there is no way to really have privacy online (aside from maybe going on the dark web [which isn’t all bad], but that place can get weird fast). And covering your computer camera seems like such a strange thing to do; my friend asked me why I covered my camera and, even though I explained why, I could tell he thought I was being paranoid. There is a program that was recently released called Oversight that monitors when your camera or microphone has been activated locally or remotely. So there are people working on ways to combat privacy invasions. Yet, there always seems to be someone working against it.


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