How does the Edmonton Humane Society use Social Media?

Facebook these days has become a place for people to repost memes, news articles, share stories and alert everyone that yes, the snow has come. I typically quickly scroll through my feed and will only occasionally stop if something really catches my eye. Naturally the second I see a post made from the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS), I stop.


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The EHS is a non-profit organization. They solely rely on volunteers and donations. The EHS was founded in 1907 and was formerly known as the SPCA. Taken from its Facebook page, their mission statement reads: “The Edmonton Humane Society enriches the lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement.”

There are many ways the EHS uses online mediums to increase awareness, welcomes donations and seeks volunteers. Their Facebook account shares stories about animals who have entered the shelter, they have #CaptionMeFriday, post posters for upcoming events, and share love letters from owners to their pets. I think there is a huge emotional appeal to the EHS Facebook page and it encourages people to keep checking back for updates and following the stories of pets who are not ready for adoption.

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Looking at the EHS Instagram account, again there is a variety of posts made. Comparing the two I also quickly noticed they are not always cross posting the same images. I think this is interesting because they are spreading even more information across different forms of social media. The EHS Instagram account shares short videos of animals, pictures of the staff, and images of events currently happening in the Edmonton and encouraging viewers to come visit. They also share posters for upcoming events, and images of animals that sometimes not ready for adoption. I think the EHS does an outstanding job organizing events that are engaging and fun, sharing news with the public constantly and letting their followers know exactly how they can get involved with the EHS, whether it be through volunteering, donating, or adopting!


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By Samantha Watson Penner


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    1. Thanks Abby! I constantly try and put things on my dogs head and he never lets me. Haha, maybe one day he will let me and I can submit for their caption contest.


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