How do Nonprofit Organisations use Social Media?

How do Nonprofit Organisations use Social Media?

How do non profit organisation use social media? Do they have a different approach than profit organisations? How do they compensate a lack in terms of resources?

These are all relevant questions to ask, especially when you consider that non profit organisations potentially have a disadvantage compared to big companies: the resources. It seems like the majority of profit oriented enterprises understood the potential and benefits that social media has in terms of reaching their customers. Often, their profiles are highly responsive and are managed by trained employees who have the main task of controlling and commenting posts and questions on their page. On the other side, “44% of non-profits have only one person monitoring its social media.” (Shattuck, 2014).

First of all, the most significant difference between non profit organisations and their opposite is the overall intention of managing social media profiles: spreading the message vs. sales (Patel, 2016). According to a study, conducted by, 48% of non-profits rate the importance of social media as “very valuable” and at least 30% see it as “moderately valuable” (Shattuck, 2014). So, this means that the awareness of social medias’ importance seems to exists. But, one could argue that the concerned npo’s are not aware or not willing about how much time they should invest to social media marketing: the same study reveals that “38% of nonprofits spend between 1-2 hours a week on social media” (Shattuck, 2014). This is where the gap to companies with social media managers is most obvious.

As an example of a NPO I researched the international WWF Facebook profile. Between the 30th of September and 6th of October, except of October 5th, WWF posted content everyday and sticks to concise messages, impactful images and the use of hashtags, which are all characteristics of successful social media marketing.


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