I find “prosumer” and “citizen journalist” terms that stir my emotions. Not the least of which is fear. I am afraid because it brings to mind that people now have the ability to be prosumers and citizen journalists. A fact which I have been trying desperately to suppress. When I think of the possibility of Joe Citizen with the capability of influencing people with his or her thoughts of the day with a few keystrokes, I get the urge to hide under my bed. I have met a lot of Joe Citizens and, quite frankly, a lot of their thoughts of the day scared the crap out of me. You consider the possibility of those scary thoughts being out there, for more than the crowd in the coffee shop to hear and chuckle about and add to this the fact that this individual’s thoughts might get expressed in such a way that they go viral and you have a first class, top shelf Stephen King novel in the making.


My own contribution to the world of prosumerism and citizen journalism do not extend past giving reviews on products or services when I am either really pleased or really irked or when I cannot resist the urge to respond to some Joe Citizen jackass reporting. I guess in some circles this may be seen as helpful or in others as venting and probably in most circles as useless. But I would like to think I could help someone not make the same mistakes as I did or consider facts from the realm of the real world so that maybe poor products and unsubstantiated garbage may get put in the appropriate file.

I understand that my view is quite biased to the negative and that there are many arguments to the affirmative for prosumerism and citizen journalism. I also understand humankind’s track record when there is a fork in the road and one trail leads down a good path and the other leads to a not so good path. It is an old story in a new book in my opinion, but hey, what do I know? And besides, who’s going to read my writing?




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