Why Nonprofit Organizations Prefer New Media Over Traditional Media


Its been quite some time since we’ve been living in the social media age. But what has social media really done that traditional media couldn’t? In my opinion there are many things, especially when it comes to giving nonprofit organizations global exposure. Just think about the plethora of social media platforms being used by organizations today. You will find several of them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and their own personal websites amongst others. But, why? Well firstly, it saves the organization money because using social media has no fees. Yet, on the other hand traditional media requires organizations to pay for their advertisements, whether they be print or digital, while also putting limitations on how long the advertisement will be available for the public to view.  Secondly, with social media organizations have the ability to directly communicate with consumers, along with being able to release new information daily.

Just like many organizations, nonprofit organizations take advantage of social media to target and create awareness amongst a relevant audience, which include potential donors and volunteers.

NGO social media donor report from, Tech For Good.


By looking at this report it’s evident that social media is becoming a preferred platform for the coming generations. Think about the amount of time you look at your phone or online to get information in comparison to watching TV or reading something in print. Think about the amount of times you flip the page or channel when you see an advertisement. It’s a few too many times for most people. These reasons along with limited budgets are why nonprofit organizations prefer social media over traditional media. Another major reason why nonprofit organizations use social media to create awareness is because social media allows them to directly hyperlink donation and volunteer pages, which makes contributing and/or sharing more convenient for their audience.

Overall, in my opinion social media has been the best thing that could have happened for nonprofit organizations. It has allowed them to expose their cause across greater audiences, while allowing them to save their budget for the cause itself.


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-Amrit Kang




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