New Medium, New Advertising

New Medium, New Advertising

There’s a trend of advertisers going to the internet to promote themselves as opposed to traditional media. According to American statistics from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, “compared to other major broadcast media types, the internet has experienced the most significant growth over the last 20 years” (IAB & PWC, 2016).

There are advantages that online advertising has over traditional advertising. Advertising online has the advantage of generally being cheaper and bringing in more revenue per ad than traditional media. Between 2014 and 2015, total advertising revenue on the internet had a 23% increase, while radio increased by 6% and broadcast TV increased by 2%. Other mediums such as cable TV, newspapers, and magazine advertising declined by 6%, 13%, and 3% respectively (Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2016).

(Marketing Manager, 2016)

Advertising online gives the company access to a more specific audience. For example, sites that cater to adult topics will have advertisements with adult content. It would be odd to have an ad for cool math games on a dating website or vice versa. Online advertising allows more versatility in the ad itself. On the internet, a single ad can include images, videos, Gifs, or links. Tom Pick writes in an article of collected statistics that compared with just text posts, posts with videos get three times the inbound links (2014). He also states that, “Articles with images get 94% more views than those without” (Pick, 2014). Then, campaigns can use a social media website for their promotion. Purina Friskies have a YouTube series called “Dear Kitten” ( These videos are pretty darn adorable.Then, transitioning to online is more environmentally friendly because they aren’t using paper and ink that will eventually be discarded. This in itself can also be used a marketing gimmick for a company planning to go green.

For advertising, traditional media doesn’t have the versatility, convenience or the audience that the internet does. “Advertisers are more committed than ever to connect with audiences on digital screens,” said Randall Rothenberg (IAB, 2015).



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