New media vs Old media

-How has new media impacted major world events, and how does that compare to the coverage by traditional media. (ie. France Terror Attacks, U.S or Canadian Elections, Arab Spring, Fort McMurray Wildfire)

 New media has impacted major world events in a great way. I heard of the France terror attacks from Facebook, the U.S elections from twitter and the Fort McMurray wildfire from an online blog. I got all the information about these events from new media, mostly because I don’t read newspapers or magazines. So do most people today, although there are some people who still make use of old media, the majority make use of new social media. Most people are on their phones from daybreak till night, 24/7. I know of a friend who always has her face buried in her phone, even when she is crossing the street. I had confronted her about it, telling her that it was dangerous. She responded that she felt that her phone was a part of her, and if she wasn’t using it or if she was without it she felt like she was missing a limb. To people like her their lives are on and revolve around their phone.

People like my friend are usually the first people to be notified of such events like the Fort McMurray wildfire. Because they are constantly on social media and they are the ones who pass such information around. Traditional media, would post such news on television, radio and newspapers. Don’t get me wrong, these are great ways to put out such information, but how about how fast it gets to the public?, how fast do people receive and spread such information to others?; People at work or people who are just too busy to pick a newspaper or turn on the radio could simply just view all the information they need on their phones.

In my opinion new media is better than old media, senior citizens who are not used to today’s technology do benefit from old media. But overall, new media has the upper hand.

By Tomisin Adeneye



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