How Technology Saved My Bank Account…Kind Of


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This summer I got my first journalist job working for a magazine. Their online presence is extremely strong with over 6000 online members and over 3000 Twitter followers.

Why am I writing this you ask? What’s crazy is that I owe my first writing job to the Internet and our ability to communicate so effectively online.

I work for Gay Calgary magazine as one of their three Edmonton writers. Earlier this summer my friends and family were on my case to try and sell a story I had written about a local drag queen. I sent a pitch to Gay Calgary with an excerpt of my story and waited for a reply.

To my surprise they answered (unlike some other magazines I had reached out to) quite quickly! Because they had done a story on her not too long ago they wouldn’t take my profile…instead I was asked to join their team! Of course I said yes and ever since it has been a roller coaster of glitz, glam and of course lots of drag.

Because the magazine is based out of Calgary I’m forced to correspond with my editor primarily over email. I think it’s safe to assume that this opportunity wouldn’t have been possible for me, as a student who lives and attends school in Edmonton, if technology didn’t have such a prominent presence in our society. Thanks to smartphones I can quickly claim stories I want to write on, search up background information on celebrities who will be in the area and have access to thousands of online resources to help save an amateur journalist.

What is the relevance of my rambling? Experiencing the benefits, only on a small scale, of what not only social media but also the progression of technology has on our field of study I can’t help but be excited about it. I’ve had opportunities to cover Pride events in Banff, film festivals in Calgary and meet people from all over because of Gay Calgary. Technology has allowed journalists/freelancers to look beyond our city limits for opportunities, while still being able to work from the comfort of our own home. It drives me insane when people try and tell me that my field is dying because I can only see it growing to be something I wouldn’t have ever expected, and in the process giving me more opportunities then I could ever dream of.


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