Social Media >(or)< Traditional Media?


The battle between social and traditional media is still ongoing, but I believe that social media will be the eventual winner. The origin of social media was a novelty and a distraction, yet now it’s starting to become more embedded as a medium of communication from everyone, and I believe it will eventually surpass traditional media.

It is hard to compare the two; social media is immediate and versatile, yet perhaps not as accurate as traditional media. The immediacy of social media can be very compelling for organizations, as they can reach their audience at a personal level that traditional media simply can’t achieve. However, I feel that social media can be seen as frivolous and unreliable when compared to more ‘respected’ mediums of traditional communication. A corporation approaching advertising from a social media angle would probably be most concerned with the volume of their advertising. Organizations can put out large volumes of advertising in a short period of time with social media (such as Twitter), whereas organizations coming from a traditional media angle would be more focused on the quality of their message, as they get fewer opportunities to advertise. At the end of the day, both mediums serve the same audience – the consumer. According to Roy (2016), “Looking at strategies focusing on the changing consumer rather than the type of media may help us become better content strategists.” So instead of focusing on the medium, we should be aiming our focus on the consumer, as well as the quality of the message an organization is attempting to convey.

In the end, I still believe the idea of social media is becoming increasingly central, and that it will eventually triumph over traditional media as a platform of communication. Yet as of this moment, I believe the two mediums are equal.


Roy, B. (2016). Social vs. Traditional Media: Has the Battle Already Ended? Public Relations Tactics, 3(4). Retrieved from:


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