How to Win Customers.

By Garrett Stanczak

The best way to make customers want to follow you on social media is to go beyond simply sharing news and updates with them. Though all of that is important, the best way to attract customers is to make them feel like you connect with them. This is most easily accomplished through humour, making your business appear to be less stiff and actually interacting with fans. To demonstrate the difference this makes, the twitter accounts of two video game companies will be examined: Capcom and SEGA.

On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two accounts. Both seem to roughly post the same amount of tweets per day, and both are roughly active on the same days. However, one difference shines through. At the time of this posting, SEGA has 1.62 million followers, while Capcom has only 434 thousand. So what makes SEGA so special? Well let’s look at some of their tweets.

And now let’s look at some of Capcom’s tweets.

While both accounts post similar content, and neither one takes things incredibly seriously, SEGA’s first tweet is a playful nod to the ”Gotta go fast” meme created by its fans. This shows that SEGA is in touch with their fans and is aware of the content they create. In addition, SEGA seems to post more original tweets, while Capcom’s twitter account mostly retweets content made by its partners.

That being said, being slightly funnier and more original shouldn’t account for having more than twice the followers of your competitor. So what else does SEGA do? It connects with its customers. At the time of this posting, SEGA has made 31.1 thousand tweets, 1, 840 likes, and follows 226 thousand peple. Capcom’s official twitter account has only made 12.4 thousand tweets, 58 likes, and only follows 52 people. A closer look shows that Capcom mainly follows and likes the posts of its subsidiaries, the twitter accounts of its individual franchises, and the accounts of gaming journalists. Whereas SEGA follows and likes more of its fans and average people. It also follows potential prosumers (remember those?) like the popular YouTube personality Pewdiepie.

In short, simply telling your customers what you can offer them is no longer the best way to earn their business and support. One must also connect with one’s audience, either through humour, or by interacting with them through social media.


SEGA Twitter account

Capcom Unity Twitter account


2 thoughts on “How to Win Customers.

  1. I completely agree. I think that it’s vital to share more than the products, or services. Doing this shows the company’s appreciation to their customers, the main people who fund the business. Instead of just a cog in the machine, if a company makes their audience feel important, there will be a rapport. That rapport is what will sell, not just the products. There are a lot of companies that have very similar products, but brand loyalty will get people to usually choose one over another.

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    1. That sums it up perfectly Dylanna. It’s kind of amazing to think that back when we were growing up there was no real way for companies to connect on this level with their customers, and thus no real need. It really isn’t an exaggeration to say that social media has completely changed how businesses operate.

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