Does Toronto have a Better Twitter Page than Edmonton?

Does Toronto have a Better Twitter Page than Edmonton?

I’ve been following the City of Edmonton Twitter account (@CityofEdmonton) for a while now, and I’ve been quite impressed with the reception they receive from the city. However, after a brief excursion to Toronto’s account (@TorontoComms), I noticed a few areas in which we could improve. There aren’t many things I would change to make Edmonton more like Toronto, but the way we use Twitter is one of them.

To start, I’d like to note that Edmonton already does really well when it comes to followers. While Toronto is followed by almost twice as many accounts, Edmonton’s follower-to-population percentage is actually almost double theirs—Toronto sits at approximately 9.5%, while Edmonton has a whopping 17%. However, Toronto excels in a few important ways:

Quantity of Tweets

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.22.16 PM.png

Edmonton tweets altogether too often. By my own personal observations, they send about 10-15 tweets per day, and it’s not uncommon for that number to go even higher (September 25 saw 26 tweets). Toronto, in comparison, generally tweets less than 10 times per day. Tweeting too often is a problem because your followers are going to miss a lot of the tweets you send, and those who do catch every tweet will probably get annoyed because their feed is dominated by one account.


Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.24.05 PM.png

It’s definitely important to have your own voice, but retweeting other pages around the city can garner more follower interaction. Toronto’s Twitter account has become a hub of information for the city. In this way, following the City of Toronto is almost like following every major account in the city. Why follow everyone else when one account can you give you all the important information? I’ll give Edmonton this, however: when they do retweet, they do it much quicker than Toronto, who will sometimes take several days to retweet a post.


Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.26.40 PM.png

One more very simple way to make a page more enjoyable is by attaching pictures to a tweet. Toronto does this with almost every single tweet they post. Edmonton seems to be on and off with their pictures; on September 30, almost every single post had a picture in it. But the previous few days contained far fewer pictures. More pictures makes an account more interesting!

What do you think? How could the City of Edmonton improve their Twitter account?

-Hyrum Sutton



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4 thoughts on “Does Toronto have a Better Twitter Page than Edmonton?

  1. I like how you and I both posted on similar subject matter Hyrum. Also, I find it funny that you mention retweeting as a positive when I listed it as a negative, haha.

    Though that’s not entirely true. Retweeting is a valuable tool that connects you to the community around you and is a great way to share content. That being said though, if the content you retweet outweighs the material you yourself produce, then your followers will likely wonder why they don’t just follow the accounts you retweet instead.

    All in all, excellent post, very eye-opening.


  2. Great post! I tend to agree with the previous comment though in that retweeting too often can hurt an organizations’ voice and brand. In terms of tweeting too often, I’ve never thought of that as a negative. Statistically, a tweet has the shelf life of 18 minutes so the more tweets the better; but, it’s definitely something to look into!


  3. Both of you raise a very good point! I definitely think retweeting the same account could be a negative thing. And in most cases, retweeting too much in general is bad. But since I’m talking specifically about accounts representing a whole city, I still think that retweeting many of the different businesses, events, and sub-cultures within the city helps you to promote your locality and, like I said, become a hub of information. People just need to follow their city’s twitter and they’ll get all the most important information in one place.
    As for tweeting too much, maybe it’s just a personal thing haha. I get annoyed when my feed is overrun by the same account.


  4. I definitely agree with your point about tweeting too much. That’s a fast track to getting unfollowed, especially if many of the posts don’t interest me, and at that volume of tweets it’s very likely that will be the case. Pictures are definitely a valuable tool in the social media age and Edmonton could improve on that, especially as our city is quite pretty if you know where to look. If they were to focus more on only important issues and become more of a news source that could be beneficial for sure. I also don’t want Edmonton to become like Toronto, our seperate identity is very important. Nice post man!


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