Think print is dead? Think again.

Think print is dead? Think again.


Written by: Ashley Lewis
September 28, 2016

Did you know, that the sale of books is actually on the rise? No, I am not talking about electronic books or audio books rather the book we have come to know and love, the printed book! Does that surprise you? This notion definitely surprised me because people have long feared the ‘death of print’ to ultimately be replaced in the rise of the digital era. However, have no fear because there is good news for the traditional book: it isn’t going anywhere just yet! According to a Publishers Associations study it is actually quite the opposite. The study interpreted that the sales of books are rising, while digital sales are down for the first time since the invention of the e-reader (Furness, 2016).

The statistics of the study are quite significant because experts now have reputable evidence that the erroneous claim ‘print is dead’ can “finally be refuted”(Furness, 2016). Why, you might ask? Because of something that is gravely overlooked, haptics. Which, simply put is the study of how people communicate through touch. It is no secret that people love to physically possess a hard copy of a book. Perhaps, a feeling of nostalgia from childhood or even the smell of a new, old or used book, every book has a unique sensation about it. Even if you are not a heavy reader there is a good chance you own a hard copy of your favourite book. Why, because books can hold a sentimental value of having a physical connection to the things you love. Thus, a book holds an overall user experience that just cannot be replicated online… thus, far.

So, no need to worry book lovers! The rise of the digital era just means that there are more ways to get your hands on a book. There is no need for progress by replacement there is still room for each and every medium of communication!

Furness, H. (2016, 05 13). Books are back: Printed book sales rise for first time in four years as ebooks suffer decline. Retrieved 09 28, 2016, from The Telegraph :


3 thoughts on “Think print is dead? Think again.

  1. Funny, I never considered books when I started hearing the rumblings of “print is dead”. I did however jump straight to newspapers and magazines. I am now comforted by the fact that I can still have my books in the future.
    I was correct in my assumptions of newspapers and magazines though. They are suffering. But the end for them does not seem to be an easy thing to predict due to the indecisiveness of marketers. They don’t seem to know how to best connect with consumers.(
    This is going to be a very interesting topic to follow for the next little while. I would bet that this little bit of flex in the market place would present a huge opportunity for a person, with the right imagination, to take advantage of.

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  2. Wow. I would have never thought this to be true! I use an e-reader myself (because it is cheaper and because it’s lighter than a book), but I still can’t shake the need to purchase a physical print book. I still purchase my favourite books in print. Looks like I’m not the only one!

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