Sunday Morning Football

It is Sunday morning, half of my friends are either laying in bed regretting their night out, and the other half are perched on their couches watching Sunday NFL. I personally know absolutely nothing about the game, but I do know judging from my friends social media accounts that I have some die hard, passionate and opinionated football friends.


If done correctly, athletes and sports teams can use social media to their advantages. During games they encourage their fans to post their pictures on Instagram and Twitter and to attach specific hash tags to have their chance at being shown on the jumbotron. This builds a connection and fans become immersed and part of the game day action. Social media is a huge marketing tool when it comes to promoting big games, and historical moments for athletes in different sports. Brain Clap (2015) acknowledges how the main goal of providing a social media community for its fans is to “give them a place to amplify their passion for the home team.” For example, if you went to your phone right now and searched #oilersnation you would obtain thousands of photos of your fellow Edmontonians proudly showing how they are truly “loyal to the oil.” Clap shares a similar story about the Florida Gators. By launching their #GatorsAlways campaign they showcased how their fans via social media were able to share their own personal stories on how they became a Gator.

The Players’ Tribune is an online blog founded by Derek Jeter, former professional Major League Baseball player. No matter what kind of sports fan you are, the Players Tribune offers a personal, in touch channel that humanizes your favourite athletes. Before you can even start exploring, you are encouraged to sign up with your email so you can always stay instantly up to date on all sports related news. The website also makes it accesiable to share stories you read on your personal social media accounts. Athletes are able to post entries on any topic of their careers, challenges, achievements and personal lives. There is emotional appeal to this, which engages readers to continue following these athletes out of curiosity and attachment to their stories. The ease of following personal athletes and sports teams on social media provides large followings. Rivalries, success stories and underdogs of the sports world compel us to stay connected through the multiple formats of social media.

Samantha Watson Penner


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One thought on “Sunday Morning Football

  1. I’m not a huge sports fan. Not do I have cable at my house to watch it. But, I really appreciate the constant updates on Twitter whenever an important game is going on. I may not have watched the game or watched the recaps, but by using Twitter I can learn enough about the Super Bowl or the playoffs to have a conversation with my boyfriend and his buddies. It keeps me in the loop. And, that’s one of the reasons I enjoy Twitter.


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