Connecting is Key

Connecting is Key

Name: Victoria Dean

Today, I asked my mom how she ever got the dirt on what Jon Bon Jovi was doing back in the 80’s. She said if she was lucky, there would be an article printed about him somewhere that she could check out. Otherwise, she would just have to imagine what he was really like behind his big hair and rock-god persona.

Fast forward to 2016, and almost any assumptions made about the character of any famous person is revealed across the Internet.

Social media has been a game changer for what it’s like to be a fan. Within a minute, someone can log on to Twitter and tweet any of their favourite artists, check out what they are up to on their Snapchat story, or see a photo of what they ate for lunch on Instagram. It’s given various famous people a way to interact with their fans on a more personal level. In return, it helps fans feel as though their favourites are less out of reach. Social media has taken off that layer that makes musicians seem completely untouchable. The relationship is key.

As a fan, the artists I tend to dive deeper into are the ones who are more transparent on social media. This way of bonding doesn’t just connect us to musicians, but it helps grow their brand. It is far easier to connect to someone knowing there is a common ground both can relate to. Through this connection, suddenly fans aren’t only invested in the music, but the people behind it as well. Creating a strong online following is also key to making sure updates about new album releases, tours, and appearances are heard about.

There are a number of ways bands have used their online platforms to engage or involve their fans. For example, the lead singer of Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph, will often share art that is made by his fans on his Instagram account. This sort of recognition helps fans feel as though they are involved in something bigger.

Though the bond with fans is important, musicians use social media for promotion and utilize the strong investment from their fans to grow their popularity.





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