Save Your Breath. Don’t Save Our Print.

Save Your Breath. Don’t Save Our Print.

I remember waking up every morning when I was younger and groggily wandering into the kitchen to see my dad sitting at our table with a cup of coffee and the Edmonton Journal spread over his lap. There was something so peaceful about those mornings. It was nice.


Now I wake up every morning to my mom yelling “What did Trump do now?!” as she turns up the volume on the TV and begins her own commentating, alongside the newscasters, on his latest news worthy scandal. Today it seems that my mornings aren’t so peaceful.


This shift from print to digital media is a jump our generation apparently can’t hear enough about. Trust me I get it…this is the future of MY field, but I’m streamlining forward with a rare look back at the past. As much as I love holding a paper copy in my hands I really do believe that news and media outlets are making the best move by switching over to digital.


It sounds like I’m contradicting myself so let me explain a bit. A book is a story. It’s meant to have an ending or be wrapped up at some point. It can be placed back on the shelf only to be peeled off again when the reader wishes to again get lost in the never-changing words that will again, one day, reach an ending.


But news is always changing because the stories being covered are never predictable and an outcome can change in seconds. The world, and news, is constantly evolving and people today have this need where they need to know everything, all the time, as it’s happening. Immediately doesn’t seem fast enough anymore and the only way to keep up is digitally. PR and Outreach Executive Claudia Barnett recently wrote a piece for the blog Addmustard where we’re reminded why “digital is the newly crowned king” with five very basic and very true reasons:


  1. Constant audience communication
  2. Cost-effective creativity
  3. Easy and accurate analysis
  4. Interactivity
  5. Up to the minute


They’re all self-explanatory so I won’t end this first post by boring you with what we all hear in our class lectures everyday. Instead I’ll leave you with this: our world is changing at a rapid pace and it’s time we embraced it. So much can change in such a short amount of time, and you don’t want to be left hanging onto the paper filled past…do you?



C. Barnett. (2016, June 28). Stop the Press: Print Media is Dead. Retrieved from



One thought on “Save Your Breath. Don’t Save Our Print.

  1. I definitely agree with you about leaving print behind and moving to digital. It can be hard not to feel nostalgic about newspapers when they had a place in our childhoods (and brought more peaceful mornings), but that’s not really a reason to keep something out-dated around. Like you point out, print still has it’s place with literature (I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of ereaders), but it doesn’t make sense anymore for newspapers. I am down to embrace the digital future!
    Also, that cartoon just makes me so sad haha. The punchline is more like a punch in the gut. The man just looks so hopeless and this kid is waving an iphone in his face 😦


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