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-How does the use of new media impact our privacy? What societal shifts have you noticed as social media becomes more commonplace? What do people share on social media that they would not share in-person? What are the advantages/disadvantages of this to our changing society?

New media today impacts our privacy in the sense that, anyone can hack and be hacked. Anyone who uses social media today is at the risk of being hacked and spied on.  There is not much one can do to prevent being hacked; people use strong passwords and purchase strong online security for their devices but are still among those that could possibly be hacked. “Fast forward to 2014, and social media has become not only a key part of the modern lifestyle, but a useful marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Yesterday, a friend commented (on Facebook of course) that her elementary age kids were stunned to know that phones were only used for conversations a few years ago. They were dumbfounded to hear that we didn’t even carry phones with us 15-20 years ago”. This shows how much social media has changed over the years. The kids of nowadays know nothing of the days where phones were only used to make calls. I recently came upon a video about a teen girl being told by her father to hang up a landline phone, and the teen girl, looking dumbfounded, was unable to hang up the phone.
Before social media became so common, people used to interact with each other and actually hold conversations with one another face to face. But today, almost everywhere you go in this new age of social media, people have their faces buried in their technological devices on the streets, in the bus and even while driving. On social media, like Snapchat for example, people share nude pictures, videos and messages they normally would not share in person because it would disappear after 24 hours. Some people are not that lucky however, because some of the things they post on social media can be shared faster than they are deleted.
One of the advantages of social media today is that it is a platform for sharing and receiving information. Most people today get their news from social media, however, there are still those who read newspapers. I, personally, get my news from Snapchat and Facebook. It is one of the fastest ways of sharing information as one can send and receive a lot of information in just a few minutes. And events happening in an instance can spread like wildfire and can even be shared live. One of the disadvantage would be online bullying as I mentioned earlier. “Now we have everything from outright trolls to habitual pranksters. This is the kind of behavior that makes the whole internet, and particularly social media, less productive and enjoyable for all. If you want to say something and are afraid to have anyone know you said it, perhaps you should buck up and use common sense before putting it out there”. Overall, I believe that the disadvantages of social media today outweighs the positive, because it is being used differently than what it was first created for. Social media was made to benefit man but over time its turning more towards the negative side, especially nowadays when almost everyone has access to smartphones and even children as young as nine years-old are exposed to the negative aspects of social media.

By Tomisin Adeneye





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