Is Social Media really that great?


Before the age of new media-if you can remember such a time-communication required effort.  You’d have to go out and meet people, pick up a phone, and in some cases even write letters.

Some might say not much has changed, but I say a lot has changed! In my opinion social media has revolutionized the way we communicate with others. Through social media we are able to connect with thousands of people around the world in an instant. It also enables us to keep up with current events and topics whether they be local, national, or international.

However, with the many positives come the negatives of social media, and one such negative is trolling. Social media is not directly responsible for trolling, but since it’s so easy for people to join and post anonymously trolling is on the rise

What’s trolling? Trolling is the act of posting offensive content directed at a specific person in order to elicit a response.

Why do people troll? Well according to an article by Psychology Today, “anonymity and obscurity suggest you won’t be personally responsible”, meaning that there are no consequences to expressing oneself.  The article also suggests people troll to get noticed because of “personality traits such as self-righteousness and social dominance orientation” (Fox, 2014).

In my opinion trolling is not a major problem and it’s highly preventable. Today, many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have posting guidelines set in place, which allow them to control what material is allowed to be posted when they receive complaints. Also, with new updates social media platforms have started implementing “moderate comment” features such as Instagram, which allow users to control what words don’t show up on their posts.

Overall, I think that the advantages of using social media outweigh the disadvantages and like Amy Jo Martin says, “Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”


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One thought on “Is Social Media really that great?

  1. Seems like a modern form of bullying and typical of bullying it is being performed by cowards. It seems strange to me, being older, that this type of behaviour still occurs in what seems to be an age of enlightenment, acceptance and patience. Hope it won’t continue.


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