Advertisment and Social Media

Advertisment and Social Media

Organizations choosing to advertise on social media instead of traditional broadcast or print media is probably more of a marketing tactic to get their product out there and to as many people as possible the easiest way possible. Using social media allows them advertise to the hundreds of millions of users all over the world instead of just the people who buy and read the local paper. “Social media advertising isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It’s a real, tangible driver of leads and sales, and marketing departments are increasing their social ad spend across the board in response.” (Lepage, A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Advertising)

While broadcasting over the air or having an ad in a newspaper only offer one form of advertisement (vocal for on air and print for newspaper) you can advertise any number of ways over social media. Using a video, a gif, or an ad that moves even, it leaves almost endless possibilities instead of just two black and white options.The advertising campaign probably wouldn’t be too different, they may add some more colour or something to make their ad more visibly appealing because it wouldn’t cost them anymore money as it would if they had to print more colour onto something. However the overall cost may increase but it would be worth it for the bigger demographic they would be reaching. These mediums serve rather different audiences in my opinion, the people who see ads in the newspaper probably aren’t the same people who get all their news from Facebook or other forms of social media. “Increased Inbound Traffic. Without social media, your inbound traffic is limited to people already familiar with your brand and individuals searching for keywords you currently rank for.” (DeMers, The Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing)


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