The Death of Print Media?

It is possible that one day – in the not so distant future — I can say that my very first job delivering the Edmonton Journal door-to-door, was an occupation of the past. As the “Funny or Die” video embedded at the beginning of this post alludes to, we are in the middle of a shift of our preferred medium for our entertainment and information.  Gone are the physical objects that “we can hold in our hands” and in its place, we are left with our handheld devices and computers that store all this data.

Technology has brought with it  increased accessibility of information. Flooded with vast amounts of information, we find ourselves looking through our numerous social media feeds to gather our news. For example, a survey conducted by the PEW Research Centre found that nearly one-third of 18 to 29-year-olds named social media as their source for information on the US presidential election. Herein lies the dilemma for mainstream media outlets: with information readily available, how do they adapt their business strategy to maintain a significant footprint on our social media feed?

About a third of 18- to 29-year-olds name social media as most helpful type of source for learning about the 2016 presidential election

The Edmonton Journal – like nearly all major news media outlets – has moved away from printed media toward a digital platform with the development of their website and app. If you go to the subscription tab on their website, you are presented with five options. Four of the five options are digital subscriptions only. When you compare the pricing of the options, it further shows the direction The Edmonton Journal have gone. The printed subscription (which also includes access to the app and website) will cost you (after the promo months, etc.) a monthly fee of $24.99. Compare that to the digital options, which will cost you a little over $8 dollars per month, if you pay the annual fee up front.

So what does this all mean? It is clear to see that the world  we live in today is moving away from a print media world to a digital media world. This is creating a challenge for the mainstream news outlets as they are forced to make this transition or, like my first job, get left behind in the past. Personally, I am a print media proponent so this transition does sadden me a little; I am also someone who gathers most of my daily updates on worldly matters by listening to CBC radio, so I may be considered atypical for my demographic. Maybe it is time for me to make like print media of the past and get with the digital times?


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2 thoughts on “The Death of Print Media?

  1. I agree with you, the world is moving away from media to the digital world. but, I noticed that there are still some people who still read print media, but those people are usually of the older generation. and I assume that they do tis because they are not used to the technology of today.

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