Successful Websites with Webcomic Examples

Successful Websites with Webcomic Examples

Because of the internet and its exponential growth, there are so many types of mediums. One that I’m enthusiastic about is webcomics. Brigid Alverson writes that, “webcomics are the ultimate grassroots medium—they are almost all self-published by creators of all ages who work independently” (Alverson, 2016). What sets this medium apart from others is that they are entirely online for anything from promotion, to fabrication and distribution. Webcomics artists spend a lot of their time creating their art. Some of them are able to make a decent income from a combination of public donations, merchandise, printed books, and advertising. Thus, it’s important to have a successful website for effective traffic flow.

This starts with content, the main thing that draws people in. Content is one of the most important aspects of a website, especially when it comes to something as content focused as webcomics. However, artistic content is extremely subjective. There are many webcomics with great content, in my opinion. A few of these webcomics include, Weregeek (, Bearmaggedean (, Prince of Cats (, and Greasy Space Monkeys (

Other aspects include the layout and organization, providing easy navigation throughout the website. The aesthetic appeal includes things such as fonts, colours, images and other aspects that simply make the website look good. Mobile capability, fast load times, error prevention and reaction, and alternative languages are other things that make a website more effective. There are so many examples of websites with good layouts and other successful aspects. Always Raining Here has a simple website with defined, and consistent colouring. It’s easy to navigate to the first things people look for; the first page, archive and the store. It also has translations for its pages in other languages such as French, Spanish, and Italian ( However, there are some which could use some improvement. Dr. McNinja, for example, has an interesting layout with its border and news feed, but the basic aesthetic design makes the advertisements the most colourful and distracting sections ( Furthermore, The New Yesterday is beautifully organized, with great aesthetic and navigation. However, it’s not well adapted for mobile access at all (


The Rise of Webcomics


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