How to Build a Fan Base

When your favourite sports team is located hundreds of miles away, keeping up with the daily goings-on can be difficult. Luckily for sports fans, most teams—whether they be professional, amateur, national, club, etc.—are all over social media, delivering daily news available at the tap of a screen.

Personally, I rely on the Internet to get scores and game results, as I don’t have cable at home and the radio in Edmonton only rarely airs Dallas Maverick games. The NBA app is a pretty good hub of information for the whole league, but for Maverick-specific news, I rely on a (in some ways) more obscure form of social media: e-mail.

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 8.23.31 PM.png

If you go to the Dallas Mavericks web site (, the first thing you will see is a prompt to sign up for the Mavs Insider. After signing up, you will receive regular e-mails with updates about the team. The Mavs Insider is how I stay up-to-date on trades, trade rumours, sales, and promotions. I find it an effective mode of communication because I don’t often take the time to go searching the web for this kind of information.

However, according to a Facebook survey I conducted, most people are getting their news from the more popular social media. I posed this question to my Facebook friends: “Do you use social media to follow your favourite teams? If so, which forms of media, and why?” Answers varied, but mostly revolved around Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some sports teams apparently even have their own apps.

Fans seem to like apps like Facebook and Twitter because of the direct contact they can have with athletes. According to Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes Magazine, “it is important to have an engaged audience to help expand the team’s brand” (“FC Barcelona,” 2016). In other words, sports teams can gain a larger following, and ultimately make more money, if their audience can interact with the players.

Social media allow people to stay connected with their favourite teams by giving them updates sent straight to their devices and offering a place to interact with the players. The more media a team is involved with, and the more interactive those media are, the larger their fan base will become.

-Hyrum Sutton



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One thought on “How to Build a Fan Base

  1. It seems more difficult to create a fan base because there are so many mediums to choose from. For any kind of entertainment, finding a way to reach fans can be difficult. With the internet, it has made things a bit easier. Sports teams, musicians, authors, and artists can use the internet to promote themselves and to inform their fans about anything. Traditional mediums like newspapers, radio, magazines, and cable have to a certain degree been replaced or at least remodeled. Now the internet is able to accommodate for the changes in those mediums. Now, the internet is one place that nearly everyone can, and will access regularly. It’s more efficient because a fan can use whatever platform is easiest to them whether it’s a news site, social media, the sports’ webpage, or an emailing list. The internet is able to reach more people in more ways than the sports section in a newspaper or a cable channel.


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