Team Thai’s social media scavenger hunt

Team Thai’s social media scavenger hunt

Cover photo and written by Thai Sirikoone


Hey! I’m Thai, and I did this project solo. My hashtag for the project was #teamthai. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog about my project. Hope you enjoy it!


Look at the Storify of my tweets here!

(The embed doesn’t work)


This was a fantastically fun project to complete. It wasn’t too difficult to find engaging people and things around campus, though I didn’t find the subjects of my tweets without trouble.


Perhaps the most challenging part of the project was finding unique angles on the Tweets themselves to make them exciting and fun to read.


A Tweet that really grabs the attention of the casual Twitter browser needs to have a fun picture.


As a rule of thumb, I always want to have a visual to a tweet to catch additional eyes, but more importantly to fully round out the story the Tweet wanted to tell. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?


Techniques for publicity
Personally, if I was in a position of publicizing in favour of MacEwan, the key things I would need to find is what makes MacEwan, in addition to the people who are apart of the community, fun.


It’s easy to find out how an academic institution is academic, especially online. It is a completely different problem trying to find out what makes an academic institution fun.


In terms of getting publicity, hashtags are especially important. People will see your content if you associate it with certain terms.


For example, MacEwan’s official twitter account, as well as MacEwan Eats, liked many of my tweets during the project most likely on account of my use of #MacEwanU. On top of that, other students were able to find my posts through the hashtag #BCSC202b.


Public organizations and their Twitter habits
Through the project, I’ve looked to other accounts for some guidance. I picked up on some important details that they used in their Tweets.


Of course, accounts with lots of followers made sure to have quality content attached to their Tweets.


That means good looking, well thought out photos, gifs, or video.


As I said before, I made a point to have visual media with every Tweet, save one with my HIST 101 professor.

Many popular accounts also use humour to great effect. This is one of my favourite photos from Mayor Don Iveson’s Twitter account:

Thanks for reading!


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