Kayleigh and Robbie’s Scavenger Hunt

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Kayleigh MacKay:

I didn’t have too many challenges with this project—twitter and storify are both fairly straightforward to use—but I could see having challenges maintaining a successful twitter account. Continually having to post interesting, engaging tweets could be difficult to do. Outside of school I’m in a band, and we have to maintain a presence online, because that is definitely expected nowadays. The guitarist manages our band twitter and he sometimes has trouble keeping up with posting inventive and interesting tweets to hold onto followers.

The tweets I posted for this project that received the best response from others were the ones that were accompanied with hashtags that were worded well. The best one I used was “#yeghistory,” which got a couple likes from random users on twitter. A couple years ago I had a twitter account, but I didn’t really use hashtags, so I never extended outside of my friends who were already following me. Using hashtags is crucial to using twitter, which seems obvious, but was something I didn’t do before that would have helped me to have a successful twitter account.

Both MacEwan and the City of Edmonton post a lot of tweets throughout the day. If I was to maintain a twitter account, especially one for a business, I would post at least one or two tweets a day. The City of Edmonton seems to post at least five everyday. Also, @MacEwanU and @Cityof Edmonton both post a lot of pictures, which I think helps followers engage with the content more than just using text all the time.

To publicize an organization through twitter, I would post tweets consistently and at optimal hours during the day, frequently post pictures to go along with text, and use popular hashtags.

Robert Michon:

Twitter is awash these days with corporate accounts that are desperately trying to connect to a market that they do not understand. As a result, many of their tweets feel forced, disingenuous, and tiresome. I understand their plight a little bit better after this assignment. It’s hard to come up with unique, original, and engaging thoughts when you have a list of criteria to guide your tweets. I am used to twitter being freeform; say what you want when you want to say it. This assignment challenged me to fit into someone else’s social media model.

Though I feel that “corporate twitter” usually fails on engagement, this experience assignment allowed me to approach strangers and talk about social media itself. I’ve never thought about the people behind MacEwan’s tweets and snapchats before, but this assignment caused me to recognise that even if they fail to engage in the online world, they are engaging on the individual level as they meet and chat with their subjects.

Corporate twitter can be successful, but usually only when they begin to feel like a real person. Twitter can’t feel like a press release or it won’t be successful in its attempts at engagement. Whether a company hires one personality to tweet, or they train a team to imitate a single person, they have to move away from language that embodies advertisements and contracts. Twitter is a conversation and was built as a two-way form of communication. The sooner that private and public organizations realize this, the sooner they’ll find success.


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