#JulianVictoria Scavenger Hunt

Victoria’s response:

I felt the biggest challenge of this assignment was finding ideas that were original. On social media, it can be quite tiring to see the same content posted over and over. It can commonly cause viewers to become uninterested in the message being shared. Though MacEwan has many elements that are obviously worth showcasing through this assignment, it took some extra work coming up with posts that the other students in class were not going to share as well. The limited amount of characters was also quite challenging to work with. Between the hashtags, quotes, and photos, the tweets needed to be condensed and right to the point in order to fit it all in. Even some of the people I spoke with questioned me how they were supposed to give a legitimate answer in so few words.

I noticed that posting a photo along with the tweet is much more eye-catching to someone scrolling through their newsfeed. Using photos that are high quality and interesting will likely have more people interested in looking into what has been posted. Though I complained about the limited amount of characters available in a single tweet, I do think that is what is best about Twitter. The pace of online media is fast, and the short length posts make it easy to scroll through quickly and get multiple tid-bits of information in a little time.

I think MacEwan is good at appealing to their audience on Twitter. A majority of students at the university are in their late teens and twenties, so the use of gifs or photos is a simple way they successfully appeal to their followers. I also think when they retweet any photos or posts from students, it helps us feel more engaged and listened to by the school. The more engagement between MacEwan and the students, the more successful they will be.

Julian’s response:

The most challenging elements were finding special situations and having the eye for unique pictures. Also, compromising the quotes that were collected into 140 characters were harder than I imagined beforehand, because it was important to prioritize while editing the quote without losing its main focus.

After collecting the different items for this assignment I understand the necessity of perceiving the opportunity in every moment that could lead to an interesting and relevant tweet. Mainly, I think it would be important to show the potential followers information which they could not easily collect through just visiting the website. Especially using quotes from professors or students, at least partly, displays the atmosphere on the campus. This information would be relevant for the viewer, since it can be perceived within just a few minutes by reading the tweets or the storify post.

Public organisations, such as MacEwan, mainly use their Twitter account for spreading useful information for students, professors and other stakeholders. The tweets differ from simple pictures to whole articles that are published on the MacEwan website. Furthermore, the technique of retweeting relevant information, such as sports events, increases the amount of available information that might be interesting for the followers. In my opinion, some Twitter profiles of public organisations should have a bigger emphasis on responses from their followers in order to increase the involvement with them.

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