#DylandDex MacEwan Scavenger Hunt

Dexter’s Thoughts:

The assignment was pretty fun once I was able to get past the small amount of social anxiety I’m occasionally plagued with. My favorite part of it would probably have been the overall lack of essay format. It was a nice refresher to not have a research assignment be a research essay with the tons of citing and actual structure, this assignment was a very nice change from that.

I found the most difficult part of this Scavenger Hunt to be actually talking to people and getting non-awkward pictures of them for the tweets. It really surprised me how many times I was asked to re-take a picture for this, even with the people knowing that for the most part only our class would see it.

When it comes to how other Twitter accounts like The City of Edmonton and the Grant MacEwan University pages I find them pretty good at getting the word out, but only if they use a link. I feel like they would be a lot more to the point if I didn’t have to click on a link to see what they’re trying to say. The links are somewhat annoying to me because of how it chops the story off in the tweet to have it carried on somewhere else, it might just be something I personally find annoying but if you look past that they both do a decently fine job. I find it most effective when the tweet itself is all that I need to see to get the full story, it just kind of annoys me when I have to finish the story somewhere other than where I started it.

Dylanna’s Thoughts:

Overall this assignment was interesting, and fun. Though, one of the things I found difficult was attempting to balance my comfort zone with talking to people, asking to put them on Twitter. It was interesting to go ahead and merely ask them, a little intimidating, but fascinating none the less. Another aspect that I found difficult was that I’ve never really used Twitter. It’s not one of the social media sites that I regularly used. Thus, I was learning how to use it throughout the entire project. Though now I’ve became more fluent in Twitter, and it’s not as confusing to me.

Like any social media website, Twitter has the potential to bring people, and ideas together to a degree that is unparalleled. Though, it differs from sites like Facebook or Tumblr, as it is meant to get information and opinions out in small, quick bursts. The character limit ensures that the tweets are short and to the point with many styles beyond just plain text. Organizations like MacEwan, the City Of Edmonton, Elks Of Canada, and others use Twitter to send out information about themselves. They spread information and ideas in an attempt to promote awareness on related topics. For publicizing an event on Twitter, it’s easy to incorporate any type of file; Images, links, text, polls, GPS location, anything. That is one of the techniques that make promotion on Twitter effective. Adding photos, videos, or links gives it an edge beyond just mere text. It encourages people to think about it in a different way. It’s one thing to be told about fall fest, it’s another to watch a clip of the headliners, or be informed about the beer. One can bring more attention to their Twitter by adding different things and continuously using tweets that are not similarly structured. It also makes the tweets more memorable.

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