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Twitter Scavenger Hunt


Sam’s Response

I had a really fun time creating my Twitter Scavenger Hunt. Twitter is not my first go to when it comes to social media however, after this project I would like to keep using it and looking at it for news and updates. I found it challenging at first because I had to plan out and take some time to accumulate some of my posts. My personal challenge was thinking of tweets that were unique and creative and represented things I like doing in my daily life. It was fun getting my friends involved and asking their opinions and thoughts when it came to curating my posts. It was a learning curve for sure for both Cam and I learning how to navigate through Twitter but I think after doing this project I could successfully create Tweets in less time and on the spot.

If I had been more organized one thing I wish I could have done is gone on a tour of the beehives. I was in contact with the Sustainability Office and learnt that students can sign up for tours that happen every Friday at noon. Even though the project is over I still think I will take the time to go look at them. Looking at my classmate’s posts was interesting and engaging and I learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know about MacEwan and Edmonton. It was exciting to me once I got my Twitter going to check my emails and see classmates liking, retweeting and replying to my Tweets. This made me realize how useful Twitter can be at communicating and building relationships with my classmates.

One thing I noticed and enjoy about MacEwan’s Twitter account is how they are constantly posting different things. MacEwan’s Twitter is full of reminders to students, news on all scales, and upcoming events. I previously only occasionally paid attention to MacEwan Snapchats but I think after this I will try and making checking Twitter part of my daily routine. Being a student and working part time makes it difficult sometimes to keep up with news both locally and nationally and I would like to create a personal Twitter account to be able to catch up on news through the City of Edmonton’s Twitter and different news stations.

Cam’s Response

This assignment was an eye opener for me. I believe it was a good introduction to Twitter due to the fact that I had to dissect this form of communication and put it to use which allowed me to form a valid opinion. It was challenging for me to boil down everything I wanted to say, have a photo to go with it and add all the necessary hash tags within the 140 character limit. I now know this can be done and done correctly with the proper attention but while doing this assignment I found that, in general Twitter usage, most writers do not. It would seem that the writers do not want to take any more time to write the tweet than it takes to read the tweet. Twitter, like most forms of social media, seems to be founded in the Sesame Street world of 15 second attention spans. Many mistakes seem to pass editing scans and no one seems to mind. It would seem these mistakes just allow more freedom for the reader to assume their complete knowledge of the subject and carry on most blissfully.

The City of Edmonton, Grant MacEwan University and a host of other high level institutions use Twitter to ensure coverage to as large a number of the populace as possible, and it works. People stop on their tweets, read the message and allow the message to be processed to whatever degree that reader decides is appropriate. In some cases, as a personal opinion, I think that the writers would be better off to not attempt to get an entire message across within the limits, but rather to take the time to form a curiosity bomb of a headline and rely more on the hash tags to take the reader to a more detailed, properly written account of the story, message or event that is being put out there. If the people more used to the conventional means of media were to know that Twitter was a reliable source of news and information then their usage of Twitter would increase and it might also catch on as means to mature the 15 second readers’ to another level of understanding and insight.

Being early in the 21st century, it will be interesting to see if Twitter becomes the equivalent of the electric typewriter or the television of the 20th century.


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