#AshAm Social Media Scavenger Hunt

#AshAm Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Ashley Lewis:

After finishing the Social Media Scavenger hunt I realized how little I use Twitter but that I should be! The infamous 140 characters has advantages and disadvantages but overall is essential to the platform. This year, our class was able to gain an interesting perspective of tweeting with the 140 character limitation including photos, links, etc. to being able to tweet 140 characters plus a photo, link etc. In my opinion the update is positive because I found my tweets much easier to construct after the update was implemented because my photo no longer used up a quarter of my character limitation!

I found MacEwan to be a interesting organization to find rich information about. Tweets that caught my attention had a unique photo or offered a different perspective outside of the norm. I have found out so much information about MacEwan from following the school’s many outlet’s of Twitter accounts from: sustainability to the career center, even the Griffins! In order to keep up with everything in the school, each group of MacEwan has a different Twitter account which helps to not overcrowd the MacEwan feed, which is a best practice in social media. As a general rule of thumb, do not be a serial posting, spread each tweet out! Also, MacEwan liked a few of our tweets, which speaks for itself that the school is involved in reciprocal interaction with the students!

In my opinion, Twitter is valuable commodity because unlike Facebook and Instagram’s recent shift from the chronological to an algorithm feed, Twitter is still chronological! That means students can get instant information about what is happening around the school in one short tweet. From the perspective of a student that timeliness is everything. I noticed many organizations use Twitter regularly and I believe it is a necessity for communicating as a business today. Not having a Twitter account speaks for itself, that as a business you are out touch. From a marketing perspective Twitter would be my go too tool, to put out timely information. Overall, Twitter has surprised me as social media platform and I will continue to use.

Amrit Kang:

This Social Media Scavenger Hunt was a really fun assignment to do! Initially, I was a bit nervous to use Twitter because I had never used it, but that changed once I made my account. I didn’t find this assignment particularly difficult, but I did face some challenges when it came to actually composing a tweet. I normally use several words to express something, which I couldn’t do with Twitter’s 140 character limit. However, I overcame that challenge very quickly once I started focusing on the key message.

Like I mentioned before this assignment was the first time I used Twitter. This being said I regret not making an account earlier. I say this because Twitter is an extremely useful social media platform for getting instant updates on important and/or popular events. For instance, I probably would have missed out on the MacEwan’s volunteer fair had I not followed their Twitter page. Twitter in particular was effective in this case because MacEwan’s retweets about the event were showing up on my homepage, which was good because I had missed their original tweet. As a student, I think retweeting from an important account like the University you are attending is effective because they act like mini reminders, especially if you are following several accounts on Twitter.

As a communications student I think Twitter is a useful tool for an organization like MacEwan to use. In general, I think that Twitter is fairly easy to navigate through because of the chronological display, unlike Facebook where students may skim or miss information as a result of the Algorithm newsfeed. This is important because MacEwan is an organization that posts new information daily. In relation to this I think the retweeting function is helpful because it not only allows MacEwan to retweet relevant tweets but it also allows students to retweet MacEwan, in turn creating a larger audience. Another reason why I think Twitter is great for MacEwan to use is because tweets are limited to characters, which makes it easier and more time friendly for students to go through information. Overall, I think MacEwan’s purpose behind using social media is to create conversation and awareness among its students. In my view I think that MacEwan’s Twitter account has been effective in informing and promoting student conversation and they don’t need to make any significant changes at the moment.


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