#ashandstijn Scavenger Hunt

#ashandstijn Scavenger Hunt

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Stijn: Getting into the assignment, I was wondering how I would cope with the fact that my experience with Twitter is very limited. As a teenager I used it as one of the many outlets of the struggles of everyday life, like a red light that is taking too long or the fact that my local 7/11 had run out of Monster Energy Drink. How would I use this social media platform in a professional way, with the limitations of 140 characters?

As I dove into it, it surprised me how easy it actually is. 140 characters is more than enough to state the facts, or to get someone interested in reading more about aforementioned facts. The platform seems to be able to lend itself for short news tidbits or updates. Even though my experience with the platform has been limited, I see the possibilities to use this in the benefit for organizations, such as MacEwan University.

Publicizing an organization always involves finding out what media to use best for which types of communication/information. I would consider Twitter the perfect medium for MacEwan to be a platform for all the smaller elements of the organization that tweet themselves. Since the MacEwan Twitter account is the biggest, this will help you getting a bigger reach for the smaller individual elements.

This is something that I have already noticed happening, however I would change the way that they are currently trying to bring attention to the smaller elements, such as for example MacEwan Business. Looking at the MacEwan Twitter feed, its hard to see which messages are from MacEwan University and which are not. They retweet a lot of individual messages, which makes it harder for me to track where it is exactly coming from. I would advise to make a new tweet from the ‘mother’-account and tag the individual element of the organization in it. That way, you have a more uniform view of the idea of the organization without losing sight of the smaller elements.


Ashley: When on the hunt for interesting and unique traits and facts about MacEwan, the most difficult part was the selection process: There are so many noteworthy events, programs, and people both on and off campus. Because of this, Stijn and I chose to explore not only MacEwan University, but some of the surrounding Edmonton cityscape as well. Our challenge then grew because we expanded our hunt, but the assignment did not expand with it; we were still limited to ten tweets. With that, we considered the following question: How can we integrate the exciting developments happening beyond the MacEwan campus, with the elements of campus-life? The challenge, though brain-wracking, produced, what I believe to be, a successful and intriguing fusion of elements.

After completing the assignment, I would approach the process of publicizing MacEwan University in a similar way. MacEwan University is an integral part of the city of Edmonton, and Edmonton is as integral a part of MacEwan. I would certainly not stray from emphasizing their relationship to each other. Through social media tools such as Twitter, my communications team would actively interact with The City of Edmonton and its parts online to demonstrate this relationship to the public, as well as use it to develop a stronger presence online.

Currently, The City of Edmonton and MacEwan University both lead active lives on Twitter. The City of Edmonton primarily tweets about ongoing developments and events directly related to the municipality. They effectively use hashtags, such as #yegtraffic, to organize the topics and make them easier to find. However, their Twitter feed is relatively bland. By using more images or GIFs, the page feed could become more interesting to follow. Alternatively, MacEwan University’s Twitter feed features an image, GIF, or video in almost every tweet. This tactic increases engagement because there is an element working to grab attention amidst a series of wordy tweets. The feed is not, however, as organized as the City of Edmonton’s feed, and it can be difficult to keep up with important information or urgent updates.

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Find our story here: Our MacEwan University


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